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What Is Local SEO?

Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a very important tool to boost your local businesses as it grows their position in search results page in the local area. It helps to promote their products and services as local customers are looking for them online. It is one great ROI for business owners and can be achieved through many methods. Some of these methods are different to standard SEO that aim for not only local but global target.

According to Google, 46% searches are now having a local intention. For example, instead of looking for “best barbershop”, you would opt for “best barbershop near me”. It would then show pages of barbershop in your area. So typically for local searches, people would put “near me” or the area name. Search engine would then suggest the results based on location. SEO Malaysia understands this very well, and have several local businesses asking to boost their local SEO.

So why should a business implement local SEO instead of just the standard SEO?

People need better SERP (Search Engine Results Page), as they travel more and require their desired products or services from their current area. Local SEO has very good benefits for local businesses that target on local scale rather than global. It is important to take advantage of local SEO because you need to be the top choice in your area.

Local SERP is different than the standard SERP. It has ‘local pack’ or ‘3-pack’, a business listing below the map. It should have your business name, operation hours, review ratings, and images. The informations are pulled from Google My Business profile, that is an essential part of local SEO.

In short, you need to utilize all the required tools in order to boost your local business. If you are still confused of the requirement for local SEO, hire SEO expert such as SEO Malaysia to help grow your local business.

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