What Teens Need to Know About Sex

It may be awkward, for a parent, to discuss about sex with your son or daughter. However, this will help keep your children healthy and even save their lives. However, most teens today have varying views about sex talk, which entirely different from what parents see. About 90 percent of parents say that they have spoken with their teens in regards to sex. However, something seems to go different when it reaches to the ear of the teens, since only half of the teens agree to their point. You can find such discussion through different teen health boards, and you will be surprised the kind of perspective that teens have in these health boards.
But it doesn’t stop you to educate them about sex, because this is a growing concern when it comes to health for teens.

Condom is not as easy or effective as people think.

If your teen believes this, tell them that condom has long been the most effective tool in preventing pregnancy, especially when they are used the right way. They drastically reduce the chance as well in acquiring sexually transmitted diseases. Such diseases cannot be deduced by how someone looks like. Here is another advice worth telling them as well – a couple have the tendency not to put on the condom until their last minute. The reason for this is because they are already in the middle of hot passion that the man will no longer have the control that he usually possess, so this is never foolproof. Girls can still get pregnant even before ejaculation. This is the so-called pre-ejaculate as this is filed with sperm. There are also reports wherein college students have experienced typical breakage, slippage and misuse of condoms. The point here is that whenever the condom breaks or the teen engages in unprotected sex, they can always go for the emergency contraception.

Another option is by going for the high-dose birth control pill, which can be bought over the counter. This prevents pregnancy when they are taken within 72 hours. But it is most effective when it is taken right away before sex.