Because the heartache is too much, most people jump into a new relationship even when they don’t really feel something to the new person. This is not really good and if you are planning to the same thing, you should think twice first.

Instead, you can check out for new friends online. Through a random cam, you can meet new people. There are so many people out there and the internet is giving way to make them more accessible. There is no need to pretend you care for someone when you don’t.

Check out below why it is better to chat with random strangers than to get involved in a rebound relationship:

  1. You are still in a delicate stage

You probably can’t handle another relationship too soon especially if you are still grieving over it. You might only end up adding another enemy.

  1. You are only dragging another person

It would be unfair for the other person if you are not sincere with him. Note that you might felt used by your previous partner thus you are really hurt inside. Now you might do the same thing to your new found relationship. You already know how he would feel if ever.

  1. You cannot choose properly

Because you are so in a hurry in jumping to another relationship just to ease the pain you felt, you might end up with the second best. This is the usual scenario as you probably did not even scrutinize the guy properly first.

Instead of getting into another relationship right away, you can just chat with random strangers for the time being. This should give you enough time to tone down the hurt you feel because of the break-up. There is no need to be hasty as you might just experience another break-up again.