Beard balm, also commonly referred to as beard cream is a leave-in conditioner that aims to moisturize, soften and condition a beard. It also allows users the flexibility to style their beards to their liking. The majority of beard balms are comprised of shea butter, protectants as well as ingredients for conditioning the beard. Primitive Outpost is a Canadian company that strives to manufacture grooming tools, beard products, tattoo aftercare, hair care, deodorant and body wash, to name a few.

With the incorporation of a hundred percent natural ingredients, it stands as a contender in the industry of grooming products. In recognizing that a single all-in-one product was not suitable in catering to the needs of a diverse variety of beards in their customer base, the company provides two versions of beard balms for consumers. These versions have been named Extra Conditioning Balm and Extra Hold Balm respectively. Firstly, Extra Conditioning Balm offers consumers a heightened amount of conditioning. It comprises a higher quantity of butter and oil that gives users a moderate hold on their beards.

Conversely, the Extra Hold Balm, as indicated by the name of the product, is the version of beard balm that incorporates the use of wax in giving users control over facial hair outbreaks. This is done in addition to possessing moisturizing properties for the beard. Following in the footsteps of many competitors in the industry, beard balms manufactured by Primitive Outpost utilize natural waxes, oils, and butter.

However, there is a portion of the beard balm industry that continues to use synthetics and fragrance in their products. This may or may not lead to irritation in users who are sensitive to fragrances. As Primitive Outpost aims to achieve an all-natural product line, their beard balms elegantly consolidate the conditioning properties of oils and butter. As opposed to this, the use of petroleum jelly in balms may impact the beard adversely by sealing and smothering hair follicles.